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Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to do google +1 bookmark on

Hi guys i am 'Mona"  from India.
today i am going to show how to do Google + bookmark on
Let's start
1) First of all login your microworkers account.
2) Then after login your Gmail account.
3) After then click on left right corner +(Your name)
4) Open the site on cheetuh. 

5) If you don't have +1 button on your browser down load it from here

For chrome
For Firefox

6) When the bookmark button download and install on your browser it will seen on right top corner.

7) Go on open site of cheetuh and click the +1 bookmark pastly install in our browser. It located on the right top corner of your PC.
8) Click on share button.
9) Go on your step 3 page i mean your goole +1 profile. Click on +1's
10) Copy the URl after step 9 and go on cheetuh and past it and hit on submit
11) After all cheetuh will give you 7 character confirmation code. Copy the code and go on
and submit your proof.
That it friend.
Thank you! don't forget me subscribe and like.

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